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Nitrogen Safety in the Lab

If we contrast the amount of nitrogen that is contained in a cylinder of nitrogen 9000L or the amount of gas that is produced from 1L of liquid nitrogen 700L , it quickly becomes apparent that a significant leak from a cylinder or spillage of liquid nitrogen poses a much larger risk to laboratory personnel, since this can cause an instantaneous change in levels of O2 in the lab atmosphere ....

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Laboratory nitrogen keeping it simple

For lab managers this is a growing concern as lab workers carrying awkward and heavy cylinders around a lab are, quite frankly, an accident waiting to happen ENERGY EFFICIENCY - There are also energy savings to be found by labs when changing gas supply from nitrogen cylinders to nitrogen generators A 2010 study by the European Industrial ....

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Laboratory Applications for Nitrogen Gas South

Nitrogen gas is used in laboratories primarily to control the atmosphere for highly sensitive equipment and procedur N 2 gas is applied to control oxygen levels, humidity, and temperature in lab equipment including cell incubators, IVF incubators, dry boxes, glove boxes, and mass spectrometers Lab applications often require large amounts of nitrogen gas to maintain the correct atmosphere...

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Laboratory Gases CEU 210

Gas Gases in any quantity that are potentially harmful to the system or process requirements should be reduced to zero or to a point that will cause no harm, depending on practi-cal considerations Condensable hydrocarbons should be removed as completely as practical Gases such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen compounds react with...

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Nitrogen Gas for Lab Equipment

Jul 26, 2018 0183 32 Why Use Laboratory Nitrogen Generators Within these lab applications, a large amount of nitrogen gas is required Since the nitrogen must be infused consistently, an on-site nitrogen generator is the clear option At On Site Gas, our laboratory nitrogen generators are highly efficient, compact, and can produce high-purity nitrogen for both low ....

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